Meet the new superheroes coming to theaters near you -- Ghost Rider, Captain America, and Luke Cage are a few of the characters soon to make their big screen debuts

1 Ghost Rider
Nicolas Cage will star as the biker-turned-raging supernatural superhero. Originally scheduled for a summer release by Sony, the film, by director Mark Steven Johnson (Daredevil), was recently pushed to Feb. 16, 2007.

2 Captain America
The WWII superpatriot is the highest-profile property left at Marvel, where a film is gestating. The story of Steve Rogers, Army reject-turned-supersoldier, might have interesting Iraq war parallels.

3 Wolverine
Director Brett Ratner probably won’t be on board, but Hugh Jackman hopes to start filming this X-Men spin-off in 2007. The script by David Benioff (Troy) should find the fast track if May’s X-Men: The Last Stand opens huge.

4 The Flash
Warner Bros. is counting on David Goyer, who penned the Blade trilogy and Batman Begins, to resurrect another comics legend. Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity) is rumored to play the world’s fastest man.

5 Luke Cage
Director John Singleton has been championing Marvel’s ’70s-era black-power icon for more than a decade, but the script still needs a final polish. Tyrese Gibson (Four Brothers) has been mentioned as a possible star.

6 Nick Fury
A film vehicle for Stan Lee’s James Bond-like secret agent is in development at Marvel and could hit theaters as soon as summer 2008 as part of Marvel’s 10-picture deal with Paramount.