Is ''Everwood'' selling out? -- The suspicious product placement of a Mercury Milan points to yes

Everwood is known for its stellar cast and ability to tackle hard-hitting topics, as well as its top-notch writing, like this piercing bit of dialogue between Hannah (Sarah Drew) and Amy (Emily VanCamp) in the second of two March 27 episodes. Amy: ”It’s beautiful.” Hannah: ”I can’t believe my mom bought me a new Mercury Milan…. I love the headlights! Aren’t they the coolest shape ever?” Amy: ”Yes, they’re very stylish.” Obviously with this blatant plug, it appears Everwood has become pay-to-play territory. (The four-door sedan not only got a full scene’s worth of camera time, but Hannah concluded the proceedings by inquiring, ”Wanna see the cup holders? They’re really fancy.”) At a time when Hollywood writers are alleging that networks force them to shoehorn products into scripts (they’re demanding a cut of the profits, as a result), is that what happened between The WB and Everwood? Actually, claims the drama’s co-producer David Hudgins, it never got that ugly; he and the writers were already planning to give the transportation-challenged Hannah a car when The WB approached them about shilling for Mercury (who paid a fee for the privilege). ”If they came to us saying, ‘We want Hannah to have a spaceship,’ that would be one thing,” says Hudgins. ”But it worked very well in this situation. Very easy to do, very seamless.” Even so, it still drives us crazy.

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