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Comments from our readers

‘Crash’ and Burned

Why is Crash‘s Best Picture Oscar a surprise (”Behind the Upset”)? As Jon Stewart told the Kodak Theatre audience, ”Raise your hands if you were not in Crash.” Before you know it, you fill a film with stars and in Kevin Bacon-esque six-degrees-of-separation fashion, every cast- and guild-connected member votes for Crash.
LuAnne Feik
Madison, Wis.

I don’t know what broke my heart more, seeing Brokeback Mountain (four times) or seeing it lose the Best Picture Oscar (only once, thankfully). I liked Crash, but no way was it the better movie — just the safer choice. I just pray that everyone involved with Brokeback — especially Ang Lee, Heath Ledger, and Jake Gyllenhaal — will be compensated by knowing that their superb work on this film will never be forgotten.
Tricia Hunkins-Tetzlaff
Kalamazoo, Mich.

The big upset of the night wasn’t Crash upstaging Brokeback Mountain but March of the Penguins getting more votes for Best Documentary than Murderball, a truly inspiring film of courage and team spirit.
Scott Barry
Clarksville, Va.

”Thank you for clearing up the bit about music playing during the Oscar acceptance speeches. Now, could you ask them to never do that again?”
Mike Schwabauer
Mission, Kansas

Riding High

I never gave much thought to what drivers do after dropping off their glamorous clients, but I found the article about them highly entertaining (”Sunday Drivers”). Forget trying to get a seat in the stands at the Kodak Theatre, get me a ticket to Limo Club.
Diane Blumenthal
Silver Spring, Md.

Can Buy Me, Love

To all the iPodders of the world, myself included: Is it that hard to buy Rubber Soul or Houses of the Holy off (News & Notes)? Stop making bad iMixes and petitioning iTunes to add the Beatles. Just buy the CDs. It’s worth it.
Luke Wienecke
Annapolis, Md.

Brit Wit

Just when I thought EW got it right by reviewing Little Britain (Television), they got it terribly wrong (”much like SNL and MADtv”?). Unlike these lesser American shows, Little Britain‘s crassness and intelligence keep the audience tuned in to every twisted character. This show highlights the idioms of British culture; perhaps these need to be understood for ”mean-spirited” characters like Lou and Andy to get the laughs they bloody deserve.
Janine D’Amico
Ithaca, N.Y.

Producer Cubby Broccoli was in favor of casting Sean Connery as James Bond. His quote referred to the studio executives’ opinion, not his own (#870, News & Notes). Craig Ferguson’s novel Between the Bridge and the River is published by Chronicle Books (#870, Books). According to the RIAA, Garth Brooks has sold 116 million CDs (#868, News & Notes).

We screwed up, so …
Due to a technical glitch, we published the wrong version of the Snakes on a Plane logo in our March 31 issue. The correct one is shown at left. The difference between the two is the angle of the snakes’ necks. We’re truly sorry for the mistake — but thrilled to be getting in another Snakes plug. Hey, fanboys: Just 20 weeks till opening night.

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