The gigglepusses over at Sony P.R. have set up a chatbot to promote Basic Instinct 2. By adding the handle “DrGlass” to your AIM Buddy list, you can have a totally canned conversation with Dr. Michael Glass (David Morrissey) about his not-so-professional relationship with his patient, super tramp Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone, pictured).

It’s weird that they chose the boring doctor character for this venture instead of the crazy sex fiend character, but I guess they already have plenty of chat rooms out there for that kind of thing, huh? (No, I’m not giving you a link! Pervs!) But as you can see from our conversation, the good doctor is no altar boy either. What, is he gonna arrest me for smoking?!

AIM IM with drglass
4:35 PM

so, nervous about the big opening day?
Why, hello.

Can you talk?

I am Dr. Michael Glass and I am Catherine Tramell’s psychiatrist. I should have never taken Catherine on as a patient.

no? why not? she’s hot!

Ask me who Catherine
Tramell is.
I know who Catherine Tramell is.

Catherine is well known for her novels… her money… the numerous scandals that feed both.

Ask me what I’ve done.
What have you done?

I shouldn’t be telling you this…
Aw, go ahead. We’re friends now.

Through my actions, I too, have become implicated in a crime.
A crime? Does it involve bisexuals and rock stars like in the first one?

I led a jury to believe that she was innocent of a murder when, in fact, she deceived everyone involved – the police, the lawyers, certainly me. I can only blame myself.
So she did it?! Thanks for ruining the ending!

My relationship with Catherine has obviously gotten too complicated for me to sort out. While she is beautiful, she has proven cunning and dangerous.
But how is she in the sack?

I am ashamed to say I recorded our interludes. Rather than have me explain, just call 800-595-0588 to listen in.

I’ve said too much. Call me now.
(You know I totally called.)