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I haven’t seen The O.C. since Season 1. I can admit that. Mainly because I don’t care.

It made fantastic television in the early goings, so naturally, I stopped watching before it began to suck. Now I’ve heard it sucks. And in a recent interview, wunderkind creator Josh Schwartz says it’s going to pick up soon, thereby implying current suckage.

Note the byline in that link: Sandy Cohen. Did Schwartz interview himself, using a fictional persona? And if so, can I start doing that? Wait, I already do. It’s called “blogging.”

Incidentally, Martin Amis had this to say about blogging, some years before the practice was invented: “It wasn’t bad literature. It was anti-literature. Propaganda, aimed at the self… Richard heard these creatures’ cries, and felt their unviewable spasms, convulsed in an earlier version of being. They were like tragic babies; they were like pornography. They shouldn’t be looked at. They really shouldn’t be looked at.” The year was 1995, the book was The Information. Amis was attacking the phenomenon of the vanity press (where the author pays a publisher to print his book). Vanity-press manuscripts are puppies that scarcely need kicking. But one could argue the blogosphere is one enormous vanity press, without the fancy binding.

Why this extended referential digression? Because we’re discussing The O.C. They still do that, right? With the references and the digressions and pop-recondite nerd-outs? I hope they do. If not, then it really does suck. Let me know what you think.