Credit: Three 6 Mafia and Paris: Seth Browarnik/

Which of these unlikely musical collaborations sounds the most promising?

A. Three 6 Mafia and Paris Hilton (pictured). The Oscar-winning rap trio are producing and recording tracks with the Simple Life star for her debut album.

B. Paul Simon and Brian Eno. For his first new studio release in six years, the aptly titled Surprise (due May 9), the folk-rock legend has teamed up with the ambient pioneer.

C. Paul Westerberg and the other surviving Replacements. For the first time in 16 years, the singer-songwriter and former bandmates Tommy Stinson and Chris Mars are recording two new tracks, which will appear on the anthology Don’t You Know Who I Was?: The Best of the Replacements (June 13).

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Regarding A., we’ve been hearing about Hilton’s in-the-works album foryears, and I’m not sure even a group with the work ethic of Three 6Mafia is going to make this happen any time soon. Still, I’d like tohear their collaboration on ”It’s Hard Out Here for an Heiress.” I’dlove to say C. sounds the most promising, but as much as I loved the’Mats back in their day (I saw them live at the Channel in Boston,grandkiddies!), I fear that this reunion — especially without the lateBob Stinson — will be anticlimactic at best and a whiskey-soakedfiasco at worst. So I have to go with B. It’s not like Simon and Enohave nothing in common; for one thing they’re both world-music fans.Still, an Eno collaboration is pretty out of the ordinary for Simon,which is a good thing; last time he went this far afield, the resultwas Graceland. Cross your fingers.