So I’m listening to Show Your Bones, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album now streaming on AOL Music. And I’m noticing that, even at the very apogee of its intensity, it blends perfectly with just about any Youtube clip I play over it. I’m not sure what this means, except that Bones makes great background music for the montage of your life. And that it sounds weirdly apropos behind ostensibly incongruous excerpts of The Family Guy.

It might also mean that nothing here, outside of a few tendentious-sounding shrieks from Karen O, really asserts itself. Now, I don’t fault a band for mellowing, being a fundamentally mellow and incurably lame person myself. (You’ll find Maps multi-starred on my iPod, whilst Art Star lies fallow.) But I guess I’m not feeling the passion. These songs all feel like they crest early and subside.

But they sound great behind a clip of Inuyasha.

Grade-wise, I’m leaning towards two Yeahs out of a possible three. With the possibility of a half-Yeah if there’s a Conan skit going simul.