Night of the Jaguar

Since his first Jimmy Paz novel, 2003’s Tropic of Night — an arctic blast of originality that stands as one of the finest genre efforts of the last decade — Michael Gruber has been a great new hope for crime novel aficionados. Almost no one matches his talent for blending the supernatural with gritty street grunge. His latest is no exception, tying together Amazonian clear-cutting, indigenous religions, the Colombian Mafia, and a shape-shifting gigantic panther that kills corrupt Cuban businessmen. (Yes, you read that right.) Sadly, it’s also his weakest effort to date. Gruber is off-the-charts smart and a dedicated researcher, but Night of the Jaguar feels rushed and only halfway satisfying, as if the author could sense impassioned fans — or perhaps an impatient editor — whispering faster! faster! faster! into his ear.

Night of the Jaguar
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