Kevin Federline
Credit: Kevin Federline: John Sciulli/

The K-man Fed-eth. Kevin Federline’s album has a title and a release date. Okay, a release month. The title is Playing with Fire (aw, I was hoping for Meritocracy) and the month is August. Optimistically assuming it’ll be all finished and scrubbed clean of any lingering Cheeto dust by Aug. 1, that’s 125 days until the “Popozao” papi graces us with his genius. (The single “For Real,” an anthem of righteous anti-media indignation, can be heard at K-Fed’s myspace crib.) But if you can’t wait that long, never fear: Daddy Spears will be touring his work (but not performing it) in select clubs.

Funny, it was always my understanding that years of animal testing had to be completed before clinical trials in humans began. But I understand the urgency: The world, quite simply, cannot wait.
So, the countdown begins: 125 days. It will take me only half that long to grow a Federline chinstrap. So I’ll be ready. Will you?

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