The World's Best Prom

The prom is a uniquely American milestone. For many, it supersedes graduation as the true high school finale. In the affectionate documentary The World’s Best Prom, members of the OVO art collective head to Racine, Wis., to capture their hometown’s jittery excitement as the community gears up for this annual happening. They follow three very different seniors — a football player, Ben; a warmhearted artist, Tonya; and a frank Catholic schoolgirl, Dori — to the citywide prom, where teens from seven local high schools arrive in showy rides to glam it up on a red carpet. Prom captures their adolescent insight with wit and compassion. In cheddar’s heartland, you might expect this full-on embrace of cheese, but you’ll be surprised to find yourself cheering along.
EXTRAS ”Celebrity Prom Stories” features Susan Sarandon, Bob Balaban, comedian Seth Herzog, and The Majority Report‘s Sam Seder sharing anecdotes. (Sarandon compares prom to a flu shot and admits to having had a penchant for bad-boy Mafia types.) CosmoGIRL!‘s Susan Schultz and Us Weekly‘s Joey Bartolomeo dish on stars’ big nights, from George Clooney rolling up in his dad’s pimped-out Corvette in 1978 to future NBA star Kobe Bryant taking an already famous Brandy in 1996. Archival footage of Racine in the ’50s provides a Norman Rockwell-esque glimpse back. And in the filmmaker Q&A, co-producer Ian Rosenberg and codirector/co-producer Chris Talbott, both Racine natives, pull out yearbooks to show their prom pictures and elaborate on their motivation for making the film; when jokingly accused of it all being a ruse to go back to prom, Rosenberg replies, smiling, ”Maybe that was partially true.”

The World's Best Prom
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