“There was always another way out of here.” With those eight words, Prison Break continued with a bang last night as Michael set out to find a new plan of escape — a very dangerous detour through the prison psych ward! This plot turn is a little crazy, but not nearly as loopy as the notion that Lincoln’s long last dad — a guy he hasn’t seen in, like, forever — not only showed up as a witness to the execution (oy, that dripping sponge, those menacing leather straps!) but played a key role in temporarily postponing it.

Papa Burrows appears to be the one who snuck inside the judge’s office and left damning papers that allege the man supposedly killed by Lincoln is not the one dead and buried in some cemetery. After exhuming the body, Veronica discovers that he really is the vice president’s brother (apparently, he’s got the dental records to show for it), so she and her partner-in-crime are back to square one in saving Lincoln from death.

Meanwhile, Michael’s new escape plan is temporarily foiled when he accidentally burns his back in the prison bowels, basically ruining that intricate blueprint that’s tattooed to his back. Which leads to two important questions, actually, make that three: 1) Who among us is starting to think the dead guy could be some anonymous dude with teeth especially molded to look like they belong to the VP’s brother? 2) Was it just me or did it seem like whatever skin that Michael lost in the burn accident didn’t matter because that whole system of drawn “pipes” on his back doesn’t make a damn bit of sense anyway? 3) Will Sara discover Michael’s master plan before getting a chance to make out with that hot homeboy? Discuss.

addCredit(“Wentworth Miller: Robert Sebree/FOX”)

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