I Love Your Work

Entourage‘s caricature of celebrity meets The Conversation‘s paralyzing paranoia in quirky psychothriller I Love Your Work. Ribisi’s frazzled Hollywood It Kid is unhinged by his fear of fervent fans, suspicions that Elvis Costello (playing himself) is frisky for his wife (Potente), and an odd obsession with a video-store clerk (Joshua Jackson). Directed by Adam Goldberg, the festival fave (which had a momentary theatrical run) can suffer from film-school-cool self-indulgence (mishmashed chronology, non-diegetic noise, even a musical number), while feeling like one actor’s celluloid apology for forgetting his pre-fame friends. This posturing aside, Ribisi’s sallow, spooked demeanor is pitch-perfect. EXTRAS The commentary brandishes a fratty rapport between director and star. After Ribisi repeatedly complains about his double chin, Goldberg snipes: ”What were we gonna do? Perform plastic surgery on the spot?”

I Love Your Work
  • Movie
  • 111 minutes