Ashton Kutcher, My Boss's Daughter

Wow! I’ll be straight with you, children: These six-degrees-of-separation items are going to be a challenge. We may have to rethink this. Nearly 400 of you replied, as there really is no incorrect answer, is there? That’s a lot of reading for your blogfather’s old eyes. My glasses are already Coke-bottle thick, and nobody needs to see that.

But I was heartened by the enthusiasm with which you replied, so we’ll do more. We just might make the questions a little bit specific. And we might limit the answer period to cut down on the number of responses.

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That said, you did well. Here are the two answers I came up. A fewof you were freaky mind-readers and got one or the other. So many,though, that there’ll no be no list of names this week– sorry!

The first, the shortest:

Laurence Olivier was in Term of Trial
with Terence Stamp, who was in My Boss’s Daughter
with Ashton Kutcher (pictured).

The second, a little more creative:

Laurence Olivier was in Dracula
with Frank Langella, who was in Good Night, and Good Luck
with George Clooney, who was in Ocean’s Eleven
with Bernie Mac, who was in Guess Who
with Ashton Kutcher.

We’ll put a thinking caps on and see if we can come up with something interesting for Friday — stay tuned!