Credit: The West Wing: NBC Universal Photo

So, I’m sad that The West Wing is coming to an end. The series finale will air May 14. Next week is the much-anticipated presidential election, in which either Jimmy Smits or Alan Alda will be chosen as Martin Sheen’s successor. I’ve enjoyed this final season — in which the action all but left the folks at the White House behind to follow the campaign, but questions remain: How will they wrap it all up?

Will they abandon the frenzied documentary-styled visuals and return to the low-light drama of the White House? How will they address John Spencer’s sudden passing in December? There’s still the matter of Toby’s impending indictment. And when will C.J. and Danny get together already? I’m looking forward to seeing the cavalcade of familiar faces who will return to the final episodes — Rob Lowe, Mary-Louise Parker, Tim Matheson, Marlee Matlin, and Emily Procter in particular. How do you think it’ll all come together? Sam Seaborn, V.P., anyone?