Want to get someone’s blood up? Make a “definitive” list and publish it. Want a really massive flame harvest? Make that list about bands. And how some of them (like Coldplay?) just might be a tad overhyped . Well, that’s what the Boston Globe‘s been up to.

Speaking as someone who once criticized the late Michael Hutchence and got St. Sebastian-ed for it, I can only applaud the Globe for its big, round, um, globes.

I shall now begin my list of overhyped “overhyped band” lists:

No, wait! I’ll have a standee of Billy Ocean make a list of overhyped band lists! AM I BREAKING YOUR BRAIN, AMERICA?

I’d start a list of underhyped bands, but honestly, folks, I only hear about these things 20 years late anyway. I’m still excited about the release of Billy Joel’s Turnstiles album. Go on, pillory me.

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