What's next for the director of ''Six Feet Under''? -- EW talks to Alan Ball about the end of the hit show and his upcoming projects

Six Feet Under was laid to rest seven months ago, and the fifth and final season is out on DVD. While its creator calls it ”the best experience I’ve ever had creatively,” even he has moved on.

Do you miss SFU?
Y’know what? I don’t. After five years of exploring those characters, and experiencing their deaths, I don’t find myself thinking about them. I’m excited to work on projects with different characters.

Such as…?
I’m finishing a pilot for HBO called Southern Vampire [based on Charlaine Harris’ books]. It takes place in a world where vampires have come out of the coffin, so to speak, because they want to be members of society. The Japanese have developed synthetic blood for medical purposes which fulfills their nutritional requirements. It’s slightly absurd.

Was the Prius in the SFU finale a product placement?
No, we never did product placements. Once Claire gets her trust fund unfrozen, what kind of car is she going to buy? She’s passionate about the environment; she’s gonna buy a Prius.

That finale still haunts me.
I’ve seen it about 300 times, but it still gets me.

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