The rumors behind the Bond girl -- Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron were both looked at to fill the role Eva Green eventually landed

Angelina Jolie
Craig’s ex-Tomb Raiding partner said it was ”a lifetime ambition to play a 007 villain” at the premiere of 2004’s Alexander but reportedly passed on playing Bond’s first love, Vesper Lynd.

Charlize Theron
Rumored to be the director’s first choice for Lynd, the South African nixed her chance to follow Halle Berry as another Oscar-winning Bond girl. We’d be action-wary too if we’d made Aeon Flux.

Rachel McAdams
Hot off the success of Wedding Crashers, McAdams’ name kept popping up in the tabloids — but the former Hot Chick and Mean Girl had no interest in adding Bond Babe to her résumé.

Thandie Newton
Though this Crash costar and Mission: Impossible 2 bombshell was often bandied about as a candidate by the press, she’s reportedly dismissed the notion as ”a rumor I enjoyed very much.”

Eva Green
She’s French, superhot, and has made… three movies? Broccoli isn’t worried: ”Lynd’s the most important character in the Bond lexicon. She defines him. Eva can pull that off.”

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