By Michael Slezak
March 24, 2006 at 08:45 PM EST

So, PopWatchers, what are the chances that newspaper writers across the country were held hostage by tired heist clichés while writing headlines for Spike Lee’s new drama, Inside Man, opening today? I’d bank on it, although perhaps we should review the evidence to see if any of them are, um, fostering the use of more creative puns. Here’s the booty:

You’re money, baby!
Indianapolis Star: Bank on this thriller
New York Observer: Slicker Spike Breaks the Bank
Chicago Tribune: ‘Inside’ out: Cast is money in the bank, not script

Hold up just a minute here
Creative Loafing Atlanta: Don’t believe the heist
London Free Press: Actors steal heist flick
USA Today: Lee’s ‘Inside Man’ pulls it off
Portland Tribune: Spike Lee sticks it to us hopefuls again

Ins and outs
Christian Science Monitor: Spike Lee thinks ‘Inside’ the box
Detroit News: ‘Inside Man’ steps out
San Bernardino Sun: Spike Lee gets ‘Inside’ the heist genre

Spikes in creativity
San Jose Mercury News: Do the heist thing
New York Sun: This Joint Is jumping
Hartford Courant: Lee’s ‘Inside Man’ Suffers From Tension-Deficit Disorder

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