Under the category of ”And you’re just noticing this now?”, New York’s Daily News has a story discussing the loopy on-air behavior exhibited this season by American Idol judge Paula Abdul — and the fact that fans have been discussing her ”Glaaaadiator!” moments on message boards all over the Internet. Now I’m not sure Paula’s behaving much differently than she has for Idol‘s previous four seasons, but I’ll say this:

I’m not especially bothered by her hyper-positive non-critiques (read between the lines, and you can figure out which performances she actually enjoyed). What irks me is how the ”Straight Up” singer consistently, rudely interrupts the program’s only coherent panelist, Simon Cowell. Hey, rude lady, let the British dude have his say!

Or else, as I’ve suggested before, swap Paula and Randy’s seats, so she won’t be able to get all up in Simon’s space. Any other suggestions for improving the Idol judging process — short of a tranquilizer gun?

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