No one was the perfect Bond -- None of the actors who have played 007 have escaped criticism

By Michelle Kung
Updated March 24, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

Daniel Craig isn’t the only Bond who got some mixed early reviews.

Sean Connery
”Do not care for Connery….We can do better.” — Original producer Cubby Broccoli, 1961

George Lazenby
”Merely a casual, pleasant, satisfying replacement.” — The New York Times, 1969

Roger Moore
”Moore is a handsome, suave, somewhat phlegmatic James Bond.” — The New York Times, 1973

Timothy Dalton
”Apart from a dimpled chin, Dalton’s credentials might make Bond blanch.” — PEOPLE, 1986

Pierce Brosnan
”Less a piece of casting and more a masterstroke of art direction.” — London’s Sunday Times, 1995