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Another PopWatch HeadScratcher to get you through the weekend:

Remember last week when you expressed an interest in playing a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon-type game? Well, you’ve sort of gotten your wish!

Here’s what we’re going to do. I’ll give you the names of two actors. Your job is to connect them via as few movie co-stars as possible. We’re only using movies here — no TV movies or series or failed tabloid relationships, please. And try to stick to relatively major roles within movies — no cameos or bit parts; it makes it boring if you couldn’t have figured it out yourself. Truth be told, I haven’t decided yet if the winner will be the person who connectsthem the quickest or the most creatively, so don’t get hung up on thenumber of steps (though I was shocked to discover the relativecloseness of these two kindred acting spirits).

First up:

Sir Laurence Olivier


Ashton Kutcher

Send your best guess to always, be sure to put the word “HeadScratcher” in the subject line and includeyour first and last names in your answer and we’ll post the mostinteresting responses Monday afternoon.