Comments from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Comments from our readers

Family Affair

I would just like to add my voice to the collective sigh of relief that The Sopranos is finally being brought back into our lives.
Will Johnson
Delta, British Columbia

Loved your piece ”Sopranos Family Theater.” Am I the only one who noticed that James Gandolfini’s language has been, shall we say, colored by Tony’s word usage? More important, however, is the conspicuous absence of Silvio Dante and Paulie Walnuts in the sidebars. Are you trying to tell us something?
Michael C. Westlund
Prescott, Ariz.

Cop Appeal

I always felt Law & Order‘s S. Epatha Merkerson was an underrated actor (”Beyond the Law”). Her soul, strength, and pizzazz are the reasons I watch the show religiously. Merkerson may be black and in her 50s, but it served her well in Lackawanna Blues, and she deserved all the kudos and accolades for her sensational earth-mother performance. For that wonderful but all-too-brief interview, I can’t thank you sweet motherf—ers enough.
Bob Canning
Petaluma, Calif.

Body of Evidence

My sisters and I disagree with your choice of Staying Alive as the worst sequel ever made. After careful consideration, we have come up with three solid reasons you should reconsider: (1) John Travolta’s well-oiled body, (2) John Travolta’s well-toned body, and (3) John Travolta’s writhing, flexing body. Pulp Fiction may be lauded as his comeback movie, but would you have wanted to see his well-oiled body in that? I don’t think so.
Cindy McKenney
Punta Gorda, Fla.

Direct Order

I don’t know who this ”hack” is, but I resent Ty Burr’s comments on Chris Columbus’ input as director of the first two Harry Potter films (DVD & Video). Anyone with any intelligence will note that the films grow with each story and the age of the characters. When Mr. Burr gets his directing chops, he can judge all he wants.
Jan Rangel

Rude Awakening

Brett Ratner wonders why he’s gotten such negative reactions from fans lately (News & Notes), and he suggests that it’s ”because I’m successful, I guess.” Perhaps it has more to do with the arrogance that has accompanied his recent success. I enjoyed Red Dragon, but I was appalled at the time to hear Ratner chastise legendary director Michael Mann for how he ended his original version of the film, the 1986 thriller Manhunter. Lighten up on the ego, Brett, and maybe the fans will start to come around.
Eric Powers
Washington, D.C.

Remembering Knotts

Thank you for your heartfelt tribute to Don Knotts (News & Notes). Having grown up watching The Andy Griffith Show, I was saddened by his passing and felt as though a beloved uncle had left us. Knotts filled his characters with so much warmth and love that even when Barney was blustering and strutting, you still wanted to go down to the corner and have a blue-plate special with him. He will truly be missed.
Susan Snopko
Wayne, Ill.

Meet our very first…
Daniel Feito of Madrid scares us. In a good way. Still jazzed by our March 3 ”We Solve Lost ” story, Feito shared his theory in a 427-word e-mail that included the following thought: ”Subterranean facilities are still used for top-secret research in quantum and particle physics, weather control, psychotronics….” Ooookay, then.

Bono’s recent Nobel Peace Prize nomination is his third (Monitor).