Chrissie Hynde over the years -- The Pretenders singer looks at old photos with us

Chrissie Hynde over the years

”I found a picture of you, oh-ohhhhh,” sang Chrissie Hynde on the Pretenders’ 1983 hit ”Back on the Chain Gang.” Now, 23 years later, she and her band have released a boxed set, Pirate Radio. To celebrate, we found pictures of the Ohio native, dating back to her teen years, and asked her to comment.

PETA benefit honoring Linda McCartney 1999 Hynde and Sir Paul, flanked by Tom Jones, George Michael, Eddie Izzard, and Sinéad O’Connor ”I think of Sinéad as a sort of daughter. I just love her because she is just so f—ing rock. I had brought two pairs of gold stiletto shoes. So I put one pair on and I said to Sinéad, ‘Do you wanna wear the other?’ For some reason, she didn’t have any shoes. Every time I looked, she was moving her feet around, looking at those shoes, like a little kid. She told me that when she was a teen, the Pretenders played in Dublin and she stole a pair of gold shoes to wear for the show, and I think she got in trouble. And here I was years later saying ‘You can have these’ and she couldn’t stop looking at them.”

London’s 100 Club 1977 Hynde, fashionista Jordan, and Jayne (formerly Wayne) County ”Ohhh, Jayne County! And of course Jordan, who was the look of the whole punk scene. Everyone made their own s— then. I didn’t know her that well but I always admired her because she was awesome and had a look. She used to come up from Seaford on the train every morning, dressed like that in total bondage gear, to work in Malcolm [McLaren’s] and Vivienne [Westwood’s] shop [Sex, where Hynde worked]. Real big t–s. Never gave a f— what anyone thought, and now she looks like a woman who looks after cats.”

London’s Nashville Room 1977 Pretenders bassist Pete Farndon and Hynde, guitarist James Honeyman-Scott ”This is neat. Jimmy [who died in 1982] looking good in lamé. Ah, his little hand. He was such a f—ing great guitar player. And Pete [who died in ’83] is looking great. I’m wearing my Fiorucci plastic trousers before I got leather ones, though I reverted back to plastic, as you know. And my [Gibson] SG guitar. I wonder what ever happened to that. The Nashville Room was closed down minutes after this picture, for some reason. I remember the cops getting on stage, and they closed it.”

Firestone High School Yearbook, Akron, Ohio 1969
”Well, there’s not much you can say, is there? I cut my bangs shortly after this was taken. It was just before the first Neil Young album and Tim Buckley’s Happy Sad and the first Led Zeppelin came out. I was listening to Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the Blues Project, and Jeff Beck’s Truth album.”