Are the extras on the ''King Kong'' DVD worth it? -- We rate the features on the newly released disc

Are the extras on the ”King Kong” DVD worth it?

Are the bonus features on the movie’s DVD (PG-13, 188 mins., 2005, Universal) worth monkeying around with?

Kong’s New York, 1933
The doc of archival footage and historian interviews chronicles the painstaking CGI replication of the Depression-era Big Apple. B

Production Diaries
In director Peter Jackson’s 35 online video entries, the tech geeks emerge as the true stars at deadline time. ”Everyone will get hairier and sorta smellier,” says one. ”Apart from that, it’ll be great fun.” A

Skull Island: A Natural History
The mock doc — outlining the origins (and destruction) of fauna, prehistoric creatures, and humans from the land time forgot — would work better if the other extras weren’t blueprints of how the trickery was accomplished. C

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