Via Defamer comes this Hurty Elbow blog post that rounds up some sorta embarrassing clips made by various Lost actors before they were TV stars. Okay, Evangeline Lilly’s singles chat line ad is pretty old news, and it’s not exactly a shocker to see Naveen Andrews busting some MC Hammer-ish moves in a Bollywood musical number. But then there’s this painful Old Navy ad, where a boogeying Josh Holloway has to fight for face time with Fran Drescher and a chimp. (Not to dis Fran Drescher — I watch her shamelessly hilarious Nanny reruns religiously on Lifetime — but she’s just as, um, lost as Holloway here.) If Holloway’s Sawyer saw this ad, he’d mock the actor with one of his famous nicknames — say, Twinkletoes. To be fair, though, this is only the second most humiliating pre-fame clip on Holloway’s reel. It’s still not as snicker-worthy as watching him get his ass kicked by Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s ”Cryin”’ video.

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