Anybody out there experiencing post-lunch feelings of collapse, but aren’t quite brave enough to curl up underneath your desk for a little shut-eye? Yeah, same here. Not to fret, though, PopWatch has got your backs, with a selection of five calorie-free procrastination treats that’ll help you survive this unusually cruel Thursday:

-In anticipation of VH1 Classic playing the ”99 Luftballons” video (pictured) in both English and German for an entire hour this Sunday (2-3 pm, ET), Stereogum is rocking Nena’s plaintive meditation on life, war, and, um, heeeelium.

-On a less nostalgic note, Morrissey’s latest, Ringleader of the Tormentors, is playing in its entirety at his MySpace page.

-With all apologies to Beyoncé, I am l-l-l-l-loving ”Torn,” the new single from disgraced ousted former Destiny’s Child member LeToya. You can hear it at AOL music.

-The WB is worried that the pilot episode of its new drama, The Bedford Diaries, may be too hot for the FCC‘s tastes, so naturally, they’ve recut it. And, naturally, decided to stream the shteamy original at its Web site, starting today at 3 pm. Sounds dirty with no ‘I’ and a couple extra ‘Rs’ to me!

-One word: Antcam!