Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Off Broadway
Misogyny, murder, mommy issues — all fodder for comedy in the hands of gleefully perverse playwright Joe Orton. And for laughs per minute, you can’t beat this tissue-thin Roundabout Theatre Company revival of the 1964 satire. Erstwhile O.C. hunk Chris Carmack (as the landlady-shagging Sloane), Jan Maxwell (horny hausfrau Kath), Alec Baldwin (Kat’s, ahem, bachelor brother), and Richard Easton (the senile patriarch) all make the most of Orton’s ribald humor, if not his trademark nihilism. For true grit, look to Allen Moyer’s set, a terrifically tattered London-area flat that’s as inviting as it is off-putting. Much like Orton’s entire oeuvre. (Tickets: Call 212-719-1300, or visit Roundabout Theatre’s website)

Entertaining Mr. Sloane
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