Vince Vaughn talks about his comedy with Jennifer Aniston, ''The Break-Up,'' plus other projects
Credit: Vince Vaughn: James Devaney/WireImage

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Vince Vaughn late last week — in Vegas, baby! Mum was the word on his personal life (though, really, is there anything we don’t know these days?). But between doubling down on 11 and dropping by the ShoWest convention, where he was being honored as Comedy Star of the Year, Hollywood’s hottest funnyman filled us in on ”The Break-Up” (his comedy with Jennifer Aniston), other upcoming projects, and his NCAA basketball tournament pick.

Are you still in the editing room on The Break-Up?
Yeah, we’re still finishing up…. And then I’ll do a movie with David Dobkin, who directed Wedding Crashers, called Fred Claus. It’s a Christmas movie. I love David. He’s just someone who I have similar sensibilities with. Even when we were doing [the 1998 indie] Clay Pigeons we had a great time. So it’s nice to work with someone who you kind of share tastes with.

That’s the one where you play Santa’s cranky brother. Where’s that going to shoot?
We’re not sure…. We have to build the North Pole. So we’re looking for a place that’s big enough.

There’s all sorts of other movies that I’ve heard you’re going to be in.
Really? Because those are the only ones.

Do you have a sense that you’ve been bombarded with offers recently?
Not really. I don’t own a cell phone and I bought a place that I’ve been living in in Chicago. I mean, I’ve been [in L.A.] working and staying with my sister a lot, and I talk to my agents, but I haven’t been focused on [other opportunities] that much…. I’m not very good at multitasking, you know, having three or four or five projects going at once. I’m much better at just sort of submerging myself in one thing and trying to focus on it.

What’s up with Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show, which you took on tour last fall?
We’re editing the documentary, 30 Days and 30 Nights — it’s really funny. And in between finishing up The Break-Up and going into production on Fred Claus, I’d like to go and hit some cities that I hadn’t been to…. I really enjoy going to different places in America, [but] it won’t be 30 days and 30 nights again. [Laughs.]

Yeah, how did that go?
It was great. You know, I was never in a band or anything, so I didn’t realize what a grueling schedule it was to every night have to get up and perform. I can see why people take a day off every three or four days. We worked every day. So it was sort of ambitious in that I wanted to go to as many places as we could because I didn’t want to waste a lot of time. But we’ll go out and do a tour, I don’t know how long it will be, but we’ll hit five or six cities, maybe more — it depends on what time permits.

Cool. So who you got in the tournament?
I’d like to see Illinois win. They got close last year and [coach Bruce Weber] has done a good job this year with this team — they weren’t supposed to do much, they lost a couple of guys. So, yeah, I hope they do well. [Editor’s note: Illinois was bumped out of the tournament two days later, but we still think Vince is money.]

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