is pitting new videos by Kelly Clarkson (at right) and Carrie Underwood (at left) against each other in a poll. Well, okay, we’ll play along, though the two American Idol winners make for a bit of an apples-and-oranges comparison.

Underwood’s video for ”Don’t Forget to Remember Me” is a plaintive country ballad about a small-town girl in the big city, homesick but resolute. It’s utterly free of irony or surprises, but it should put to rest complaints that Underwood is all polish and no heart.

Clarkson strikes a similarly populist note in ”Walk Away,” as a variety of workaday folks lip-synch the pop-rock anthem while on the job. Her three additional years as a post-Idol star makes her seem much more comfortable and experienced than Underwood, though not seasoned enough to keep from displaying her midriff (which is, um, not her best asset).

Clarkson’s song is more to my taste, but these are both strong clips. Right now, the polling at AOL Music is dead even; which video gets your vote?