It used to be customary to laugh at the fashion choices of the American Idol finalists (say, back in the days of Clay and Ruben), but now that they’re being carefully groomed by stylists from the beginning of the finals, they look like folks whose style selections you might actually want to emulate. Now, thanks to the show’s partnership with StarStyle, you can dress like any of the final 12, even Kevin ”Chicken Little” Covais. (The site’s top-selling item right now is the black dress Melissa McGhee wore on the March 14 episode.)

Of course, not all reality shows are as friendly to outside merchants as Idol. Many shows don’t want to be runway showcases for reality stars’ clothes, especially if those clothes bear logos that would cause licensing havoc for the producers. The usual situation is to pixelate the logos in the editing room, but here’s a merchant (spotted via TVGasm) who’s come up with a more elegant solution: pre-pixelated reality wear. I don’t know if I’d want to wear Bucky Covington’s giant belt buckle, but I’d wear one of these T-shirts proudly.