It’s a dysfunctional families and squabbling couples edition of Trailer Blazer, as you’ll see from these three promos:

Little Miss Sunshine (July 28) This movie earned a lot of strong buzz at Sundance, maybe because its quirky family consists of such reliable pros as Steve Carell, Greg Kinnear, and Toni Collette (pictured, with Signs‘ precocious Abigail Breslin). This clip tells you all you need to know about the eccentric Hoover clan, who embark on a road trip to take their little girl to a child beauty pageant. The premise doesn’t seem like much to me, but the clip made me want to see these actors bounce off each other.

Trust the Man (Aug. 18) Another ordinary-looking premise that could be redeemed by a strong ensemble of attractive actors. Here, we’re in Manhattan romantic comedy land, with middle-aged marrieds David Duchovny and Julianne Moore, along with younger and slack-ier couple Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup, all suffering relationship doldrums. Written and directed by Bart Freundlich (Mr. Julianne Moore), this looks like a smart and witty variation on the usual themes, thanks to its little details — Garry Shandling as a marriage counselor, Crudup’s scene-stealing goatee, and a moment that plays as a funny twist on a key scene from The Graduate.

American Gun (March 22) This indie drama, which opens tomorrow in New York (no word yet on openings elsewhere), tells three different stories of families in turmoil, all linked by the presence of firearms. Marcia Gay Harden copes in the aftermath of a Columbine-style rampage perpetrated by her son. College student Linda Cardellini cultivates a fascination with guns when she works for her grandfather (Donald Sutherland) in the family’s gun shop. And Chicago high school principal Forest Whitaker fights to keep kids from bringing weapons to school. Looks grim and medicinal to me, but again, maybe the strong cast can make it work.