After a painfully long break, Prison Break is back with enough new episodes to last us through May when the Fox drama will finally live up to its title: Michael Scofield and Co. will bust out of the pokey! Anyone who suffers from short-term memory loss, however, is well advised to read this week’s EW cover story and bone up on the episodes that aired last fall; I, for one, was so focused on how Michael’s escape plan failed before the break last winter, that I forgot pretty much everything that was happening outside the prison walls — like where Veronica was in her quest to overturn Lincoln’s death sentence.

But forget about that: how ’bout that freakin’ electric chair? Seems so 1940s for Break to rely on the ultimate buzzkill to execute our protagonist, but the electric chair is still used in Alabama and Nebraska today, so its not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

But we digress: We went into this episode knowing that a) Michael’s escape plan through the hospital was a bust and b) poor Lincoln was going to have to fry because of it. Desperate to save his kin, Michael learned that a power snafu could delay the execution by a sweet three weeks, so he arranged for a certain rodent to infiltrate the fuse box, creating a power surge. Unfortunately, Captain Brad Bellick learned the same thing and instantly smelled something fishy (or mousy, however you want to describe it), so he hid said snafu from the warden and kept the execution on schedule. Killer moment!

Bottom line: This episode will help us forget how Fox sucker-punched us last winter by taking away our favorite new show for so damn long. And speaking of frying, is Dominic Purcell (pictured) smokin’ or what?

Were you relieved to have Prison Break back? What do you think will happen this season?