Credit: American Idol: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Don’t you sometimes wish Simon Cowell would be forbidden from speaking — when he’s not filming episodes of American Idol, that is? The surly Brit predicted Season 5’s final three during an interview on Howard Stern’s Sirius radio program — ”the bald-headed kid” (Chris Daughtry), ”the guy with gray hair” (Taylor Hicks), and Kellie Pickler (pictured).

C’mon — Kellie? Clearly Cowell was tuning out during her grisly Tuesday-night rendition of Stevie Wonder’s ”Blame It on the Sun.” Otherwise, wouldn’t he be leaning toward Mandisa or Katharine McPhee as this year’s leading Idol lady? And where does that leave Elliott Yamin? It’s too early to count out that genial guy, I tell ya!

Let’s not have Cranky McFlirtypants get the last word on this debate. Who would you like to see in the final three?

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