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By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated March 18, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST
American Beauty: Lorey Sebastian

The worst movie to ever snag the Oscar for Best Picture

EW’s year-end Critical Mass listed Crash as the year’s 26th-best-reviewed film, and I think even that’s generous. In your opinion, is this the worst movie ever to snag the Oscar for Best Picture? —Will Christianson
Well, Will, it’s clear that you think it is. Look, I put Crash on my 2005 10 Best list, so obviously I disagree. But at the risk of rehashing what some (millions?) feel became very old business the moment the ceremony ended, let me just add this postscript: I wanted Brokeback Mountain to win, but I also thought that all five nominees were honorable candidates. And the conviction that one movie has got to stink if it trumps the one you favor is exactly why the Oscars have very little to do with ”bests.” Besides, everyone knows that American Beauty is the worst movie ever to snag a Best Picture statuette.

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