We compare the love interest believability of Mischa Barton, Kelly Rowan and Samaire Armstrong

Who is the best ”O.C.” music video star?

The love affair between Fox’s Californicating teen soap and less-established rock bands is older than Ugg boots by now. What you may not know is that three of The O.C.‘s honey blond temptresses are now actually starring in music videos. Our reviews below.

Mischa Barton, a.k.a. teen queen Marissa Cooper
IN: James Blunt‘s ”Goodbye My Lover”
THE CONCEPT: Memoirs of a Mischa. Blunt’s regretful reminiscences, intercut with scenes of Barton in a slo-mo bedroom make-out sesh with a man who is not Blunt, all in a spare, creamy Neutra palette. But who dumped whom? Ultimately, unclear. Grade: B

Kelly Rowan, a.k.a. shiksa goddess Kirsten Cohen
IN: Peter Gallagher‘s ”Still I Long for Your Kiss”
THE CONCEPT: Indeterminate. Tens of dollars were surely lavished on shots of Rowan and Gallagher (in addition to a sideline singing career, he plays her O.C. spouse, Sandy) smooching chastely to this boomer slow jam. Grade: C-

‘O.C.’ STARLET: Samaire Armstrong, soon to reprise her season 1 role as brainy pixie Anna
IN: Daniel Powter‘s ”Bad Day”
THE CONCEPT: Sliding Doors meets Office Space. Two adorable hipsters, masquerading as corporate drones, suffer a parallel existence of Groundhog Day repetition, until fate (rain! a red umbrella!) brings them together. Grade: B+