Two networks’ worth of shows are on the bubble as the execs from The CW cobble together a fall slate from a pool of prospects that includes the current primetime lineups of UPN and the WB. The makers of those shows remain in the dark as to whether they should be shooting season finales or series finales, as Everwood executive producer told earlier this week.

Tea-leaf readers got some hints at a Hollywood meeting Wednesday of CW suits and prospective advertisers, at which the CW passed around literature with a list of shows that may return. But while Variety reports that the literature cited several shows as ”returning 2006-2007,” EW senior writer Lynette Rice, who attended the event, says it’s premature to consider any show secure.

The shows that were listed — they included All of Us, America’s Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, Everwood (pictured), Everybody Hates Chris, Friday Night Smackdown, Gilmore Girls, Girlfriends, One Tree Hill, Reba, Smallville, Supernatural, and Veronica Mars — were merely the pool of existing shows the CW will draw from, Rice says, but no firm announcement of the fall lineup is likely until May’s ”upfront” network presentations to advertisers. Still, she says, the strongest contenders in the pool, based on their current ratings and demographics, are Top Model, Chris, Smackdown, Smallville, Supernatural, and Veronica Mars.

What may be more revealing is the list of shows not in the pool. Left out of the literature were Eve, Half and Half, One on One, Twins, and What I Like About You. Also not listed was 7th Heaven, which was expected to end this season anyway, though there have been reports of a possible 11th season pickup. In other words, it looks like a lot of the African-American-oriented shows that comprised much of UPN’s lineup aren’t going to survive the transition. Same with a lot of the WB’s shows designed for family appeal. If you want to save your favorites, better make your voice (and remote control clicks) heard now.

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