Huff: The Complete First Season

When Huff premiered on Showtime, some critics condemned it as another failed attempt to produce HBO-caliber programming. But the pilot episode was a doorway into the fragile nature of sanity. Azaria (formerly best known as The Simpsons‘ Moe, Chief Wiggum, and Apu) plays the bleary-eyed therapist with existential rage, channeling his quirky comedic stylings into repressed exasperation. And the clandestine liaison between Huff’s hedonistic lawyer (Platt) and beleaguered mom (Emmy winner Danner) is a construct-shattering curveball, characteristic of this consistently provocative story line. EXTRAS Deleted material and two quick technical behind-the-scenes shorts are underwhelming, but a lengthy half-hour featurette with creator Bob Lowry (who also offers four episode commentary tracks) illuminates the show’s groundwork. ”My first shrink told me that I should write,” he says, suggesting that Huff stems from his own neuroses.

Huff: The Complete First Season
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