We love Bonnie Hunt‘s dry wit as much as anyone. But when the DR heard she was producing a sitcom pilot for ABC next fall, we had to wonder: Has any performer ever been given so much creative control over so many flops? (Our guess is no.) A brief history: CBS’ apartment-complex comedy The Building in 1993; The Bonnie Hunt Show in 1995, featuring Hunt as a TV reporter (also on CBS); and ABC’s Life With Bonnie in 2002, with Hunt as a talk-show host/mom. Her latest pitch is a buddy comedy focusing on a recently divorced detective (that’s Hunt) and her partner (Michael Landis). Dennis Miller signed on as her therapist, Joe Mantegna as her ex. But why would any network trust Hunt at this point? ”What’s great about Bonnie is she came in and said, ‘Here’s what went wrong with Life With Bonnie, and here’s what I want to do now,”’ says Francie Calfo, ABC’s exec VP of development. ”So many very talented people have had shows that didn’t work.” Fair enough — but maybe keep her name out of the title this time. — Jennifer Armstrong

The 1975 cult documentary Grey Gardens is hitting the mainstream. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange start shooting a film inspired by the doc, playing the two eccentric, cat-loving Jackie Kennedy relatives who are deteriorating in a putrid Hamptons manse. (An Off Broadway musical version also just opened.) ”The director has gotten access to a lot of archival material and extended the story” across four decades, says Lange. ”When you look at that documentary, you sort of wonder, ‘What am I stepping into?’ But it’ll be fun.” — Dade Hayes

Who you gonna call for Ghostbusters 3? Not the Reitmans. Ghostbusters 1 and 2 director Ivan Reitman ain’t afraid of no comedy — he just wrapped July’s Super Ex-Girlfriend with Uma Thurman — but has no plans to direct a third installment. Son Jason Reitman‘s Thank You for Smoking slimes the tobacco industry, but he says, ”My indie satirical version of Ghostbusters would disappoint most people.” — Hannah Tucker and Eric Kohn