The 10 hottest topics for the week of March 24, 2006


1 Apprentice contestant Raj Bhakta running for Congress Good for him. Although I think his campaign slogan —”A vote for Raj is a vote for a dork in a bow tie who will hit on your daughter” — could probably use a bit of massaging.

2 Lou Ferrigno sues his brother for trademark infringement Who’s he gonna sue next — the freakin’ Jolly Green Giant? You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, either.

3 New study by nutrition experts claims it’s okay for men to drink more beer than milk Of course, said experts happen to go by the names of Bud and Weiser.

4 Sharon Stone confirms she gets naked in Basic Instinct 2 I was crossing my fingers on that. In fact, those fingers may very well be the only things that remain crossed when it comes to this film.

5 Martha Stewart drops off of Forbes‘ billionaires list And we thought that The Donald had lots of ammunition before. Lock and load, baby!

6 Osama bin Laden’s niece to star in reality show The sad part is, Osama could do a few scenes and we still probably wouldn’t be able to find him.

7 Failure to Launch rules box office And this despite football guru Terry Bradshaw getting naked. (Not exactly Sharon Stone in that department. Or Sly Stone, for that matter.)

8 Website promotes Hoth as host planet of 2014 Winter Olympics C’mon, you want a bunch of stands filled with Tauntauns? It’s not like they exactly give a crap about short track. Plus, according to Captain Solo, they stink.

9 ”Rat-squirrel” species rediscovered after 11 million years Eleven million years? What, Ice Age didn’t count?

10 Breasts: A Documentary out on DVD But I have to watch it, honey. It’s my job.