Credit: The Dirty Dozen: Everett Collection

Which old TV shows and movies should be fair game for remakes, and which should remain untouched and un-meddled with?

Sometimes the line is obvious, as with The Dirty Dozen — ”Have you no shame?” asks an item in the forthcoming issue of EW. Then again, on the same page, EW’s Paul Katz offers his casting suggestions for the forthcoming Dallas movie. (For the record, Katz thinks Bruce Willis would make a better J.R. than studio choice John Travolta; me, I’d have cast Alec Baldwin.)

How is Hollywood to know which properties are sacred, which are not, and which are simply bad ideas? (Scowling Ice Cube as wisecraking Mr. Kotter? He’s supposed to be Groucho, not grouchy. Then again, I’d have listed a Battlestar: Galactica remake as a simply bad idea, and I’d have been totally wrong.)

Do producers need a master list of which properties to remake and which to avoid, or can any remake work as long as you choose the right director, writer, and actors?

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