In a rare case of the hipster planets aligning, Radiohead is doing the score for Richard Linklater’s upcoming film version of the Philip K. Dick novel A Scanner Darkly. The news, rumored on various websites last December, was confirmed Thursday to EW by the film’s distributor, Warner Independent Pictures. Keanu Reeves stars in the futuristic story of government espionage, which will be rendered in the rotoscope-animated style of Linklater’s Waking Life. Originally slated for a fall 2005 release, the film is now due out in limited release July 7. No word yet on whether the music will be more mainstream than the increasingly out-there work of Radiohead, whose last album was Hail to the Thief in 2003. But we will definitely be listening.

[UPDATE: A day after telling EW that Radioheadwould be scoring A Scanner Darkly, director Richard Linklater’s filmadaptation of the Philip K. Dick sci-fi novel, Warner IndependentPictures is singing a slightly different tune. Instead of a full-blownoriginal score, the film will feature music by Radiohead, including abrand-new track from lead singer Thom Yorke’s upcoming solo release.Warner Independent is still working out what music will make the cut,and couldn’t say if the tracks would be all new or a mix of old andnew. It wouldn’t be the first movie with Radiohead music, of course –that snippet of “Everything in its Right Place” was arguably the bestthing about Vanilla Sky. If Linklater wants to go back to the vaults,may we suggest a track from 1997’s OK Computer: “Exit Music (For a Film).”]