Not to keep picking on Amanda Bynes, but the Los Angeles Times has noticed that, of all the performers playing teens in her movie She’s the Man, Bynes may be the only one who still actually is a teen. This observation inspires a humorous list of actors who’ve played teens in film and TV despite being way too old. Henry Winkler (pictured, as the Fonz), Gabrielle Carteris, and Michael J. Fox are some of the more blatant ones; a more comprehensive list would also have included Ralph Macchio, Stockard Channing (in Grease), Dana Carvey (in Wayne’s World), Robin Williams (in The World According to Garp), and Alison Lohman (in pretty much everything she’s done).

Not to mention the casts of The O.C., That ’70s Show, and Smallville are looking pretty long in the tooth. Then again, with actresses like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, who’ve looked about 30 since they were 14, it’s easy to see how casting directors get confused.

addCredit(“Henry Winkler: Globe Photos”)