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-Lauren Graham (pictured) has been cast as Steve Carell’s wife in Evan Almighty, his sequel to Bruce Almighty. The cast also includes John Goodman and Morgan Freeman, who returns as God. In this movie, Carell’s Evan Baxter character from the first film gets the call from God to build an ark. Riiight.

-Michael Caine and Demi Moore will costar in Flawless, a heist tale inspired by an actual 1960s robbery. In the movie, a London janitor (Caine) and an American businesswoman (Moore) whose career has stalled team up to snatch a stash of jewels.

-William Hurt, fresh off his Oscar nomination for playing a fratricidal crimelord in A History of Violence, will play Kevin Costner’s murderous alter ego in psychological thriller Mr. Brooks, shooting next month. It’s sort of a Big Chill reunion; Costner famously failed to get his big break as the suicide victim whose funeral reunites Hurt and friends, only to have all his scenes cut from the film.

-Following up Madea’s Family Reunion, Tyler Perry’s next film is Daddy’s Little Girl, his first movie not based on one of his hit plays. He calls it a swapped-sexes Cinderella story, about a successful female lawyer who falls in love with a poor janitor despite the objections of her father. First, Michael Caine and now, this: Janitors are HOT! You heard it here first.

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