Wearing a flamboyant tuxedo jacket he said originally belonged to Fred Astaire, Perry Farrell took the stage at a press conference in Austin, Texas, and announced the lineup for this year’s version of what he called “the granddaddy of American festivals,” Lollapalooza, which will be from Aug. 4-6 in Chicago. Before we get to the bands, here’s what’s different. Instead of two days, this year’s version of the fest will expand to three days and it’ll be in a larger section of Chicago’s Grant Park, so expect a crowd even bigger than last year’s total of 65,000.

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Now, for the bands: Hometown heroes Kanye West, alt-country actWilco, and soulful rapper Common are all on the main stage, along withheadliners the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Seattle’s Death Cab for Cutie,psych-rockers the Flaming Lips, the Queens of the Stone Age, and ZachBraff’s favorites, the Shins. With all those choices, what is Farrellhimself going to see? “I’m really excited about seeing Jack White’s newband, the Raconteurs, I’ve always wanted to see him with a full band,so now my prayers are answered,” says Farrell. “I’m also super excitedthat Manu Chao is going to be participating, I don’t think he’s been inthe States for seven years.”

But what about you, Perry? “I’m hoping to perform; I’m leavingroom,” he says. “So if I can get it together the proper way, I will.”Silent on the CD front since 2001, Farrell, the helium-voiced, former Jane’sAddiction frontman is preparing a new disc for release this summer. And take note,Andrew Lloyd Webber: It’s a musical. “It’s a pretty big project calledthe Satellite Party,” he says. “It’s a musical that I’ve writtenthat tells a story of a group of collaboriative musicians, artists,street performers, acrobats, and dancers. And they run these wildparties in the streets, using text messaging to transmit thelocations.” Like that “flash mobs” fad from 2003? “Exactly,” he says.The disc is being “privately funded,” according to Farrell; he’splanning on finishing it in April and then looking for a label torelease it in time for Lollapalooza.

Right now, three-day passes for Lollapalooza 2006 are on sale for $130 at, which, as Farrell pointed out, is about a buck a band. Not a bad deal.