Don't Trip...He Ain't Through With Me Yet

The ”He” in Don’t Trip…He Ain’t Through With Me Yet, Steve Harvey’s new concert film, is God. Harvey’s stand takes place live in front of 16,000 believers at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ church event MegaFest, and the intriguing novelty of the movie comes from watching one of the R-rated Original Kings of Comedy try to go the whole night without swearing. ”I ain’t never came on stage in 20 years and ain’t cussed,” Harvey testifies at the outset. ”You all needs to pray for me.” He doesn’t slip, although, ironically, his best bit is his bluest, which merely involves a tattooed kid yelling ”Bite me!” at his mom. The rest of the show is well-observed and sincere if gospel humor is your thing (to Communion takers, Harvey cries, ”Stop lettin’ your fingers touch all the crackers!”) and not quite funny enough to recommend if it isn’t.

Don't Trip...He Ain't Through With Me Yet
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