We chat with ''Everwood'' exec producer Rina Mimoun about upcoming storylines -- and what she thinks of the show's chances of finding a home on The CW's lineup
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Credit: EVERWOOD: Patrick Ecclesine/The WB

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling about the transition to the new CW network — and the fact that you don’t know whether you’ll be on it or not?
EVERWOOD EXECUTIVE PRODUCER RINA MIMOUN We’re in such danger. We are trying to remain hopeful because that’s what we do best. We stay boundlessly optimistic because that’s all we can do. We’re very much in the dark. We’re reading the same articles you are.

What’s your gut feeling — do you think you’ll make it for another season?
The hardest part for our show has been that our home network [The WB] just kept pushing us off the schedule. It’s so shocking to me that we’ve only aired nine episodes, when we’re shooting episode 20 right now. We’ve really been off our network for so long. We were not treated properly, this season most of all. I’m hoping that with the new people in charge [at The CW] we could actually benefit…. [CBS President] Les Moonves [who’s also overseeing the new netlet] is known for having amazing taste. As The WB went through so many changes while we’ve been here, Everwood has always remained pretty consistent. If The CW needs an edgy family dramedy, we’re it. I just don’t know what they’re looking for.

What can we look forward to for the rest of this season?
We have so much stuff coming up. We’ve got a death, we’ve got cheating, we’ve got our own mini-Brokeback. We’ve got a suicide attempt, we’ve got an engagement ring. And we’ve got a bunch of people leaving Everwood. Justin Kirk is guest-starring in a medical story, Nia Long will make an appearance as Irv’s long-lost daughter, and Charles Durning is playing Andy’s father.

How will you tackle your season finale, not knowing whether you’ll be back next year? Are you going to leave us hanging on those cliff-hangers you love so much?
We are prepared. We’re going JJ Abrams-style on you. We’re shooting alternate endings. We’ll know a week or two in advance of our finale, which is currently scheduled for May 29 (though that may change, too). We would never disappoint our fans by not giving them a proper ending. There is a way to end this show. But just in case, we have a kick-ass cliff-hanger, too.

What do you want to say to the CW executives who are deciding your fate?
You won’t regret it if you keep us. We have too many stories left to tell. Two of our story lines actually end in a way that’s perfect. They give you a good feeling of closure… but you see on the horizon what season 5 would be.

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