Since newspapers and magazines can only spill so much ink speculating whether or not Katie Couric is planning to take over the CBS Evening News anchor chair, talk has turned to who might replace her at NBC’s Today if indeed she does bolt. At this point, four names are being bandied about like holiday piñatas: Three front-runners within the network — correspondent Natalie Morales, Weekend Today cohost Campbell Brown, and Today news anchor Ann Curry — and one from outside, The View‘s Meredith Vieira, the option that intrigues me most. Think about it: Vieira has sufficient news chops (no, not from ”Hot Topics,” but rather her tenure at 60 Minutes in the early ’90s) and she’s about as likable as they come. While word has it that Vieira probably won’t consider a move because she’s got a comfortable schedule that’s given her flexibility to deal with her husband’s health woes, being paired with Matt Lauer has to be better than sharing a table with host-bot Elisabeth Hasselbeck, right? Anyhow, if you ran NBC, who would you hire as Today‘s cohost?