Star Trek: The Original Series

I’d always assumed Star Trek fans reproduced asexually, like tribbles, but apparently they find love the way the rest of us do: on the Internet. If you like candlelit dinners, moonlight strolls, and debating whether or not Farscape was a better show than Babylon 5, then Trek Passions is the personals site for you. Jim Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine, discussed the site last week on MSNBC’s The Situation, where host Tucker Carlson snickered at the prospect of Trekkers finding romance online. (Like his orange bowtie is such a chick magnet.) Still, it’s not clear whether Trek Passions accommodates alternative lifestyles, like, say, Klingons who want to date Romulans. Guess that’s really the final frontier.

Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek
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