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After asking you to name the mystery star in this hilarious photo, the PopWatch inbox was flooded with literally hundreds of guesses. (Uh, looks like you guys are fans of this game!) Among my favorites:

I’m gonna go off the gender board and guess Sinead O’Connor pre-buzzcut. — Dan Via

Really looks like Tom Cruise trying to don drag in the early ’80s. — Zachary Heuer

It’s Tony Soprano in his pre-mob, post-punk, wake-me-up- before-I-whack-you phase. — Carey Jenkins

The actor who played Angela’s son on Who’s the Boss? What was his name, Danny Pintauro or something? — Mike Ness

I absolutely refuse to believe that picture is of a real person. Those Damien/Omen eyes. That scarily androgynous….glow. The post-Princess Leia/pre-Padme Amidala white (complete with the scarf, I might add…) There’s only one celebrity who could be the posessor of all things back then, in a desperate attempt to not miss out on anything: George Clooney. —Henry McMullen

I’m guessing Jude Law. It’s his Playbill picture for the West End’s production of The Outsiders! The Musical. — Eric Rogers

Hmmm, your ‘lad’ looks suspiciously like Liz Hurley to me, although Idon’t see this as a particularly successful Estee Lauder campaign. — Adam Kennedy

All very entertaining guesses — but all of them wrong. Other misidentifications: David Bowie, Boy George, George Michael, Ewan McGregor, David Cassidy, Edward Furlong, Eddie Izzard, Johnny Depp, Simon Cowell, Rosie O’Donnell, Samantha Morton, and Sean Connery, just to name a few.

So, who is our mystery lad? Follow the jump to find out…

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It’s Ricky Gervais!

(I know, right?!?!?)

Apparently the creator and star of the original, British Office was once in a new-wave band called Seona Dancing. Hence the gelled hair, white scarf, and eyeliner in this publicity shot from 1983.

LOTS of you got it right — too many to name — so special kudos go to the first five readers who answered correctly:

Catherine Haight
Daniel Leroux
Jordan Katz
Rahul Agarwal
Toon Mangklarat

Thanks for playing, and look for Round 2 later today!

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