So what do Charlie’s Angels, Felicity, Mork and Mindy, Rhoda, and Twin Peaks have in common? Each show featured an unseen character who communicated with the show’s lead/s in some manner. Charlie, of course, used his famous speakerbox to dial up his Angels. Similarly, Rhoda spoke to her doorman, Carlton, via intercom. Mork used some sort of alien hallucination/telepathy to make weekly reports to his Orkian leader (“Mork calling Orson, come in, Orson…”). And both Felicity and Twin Peaks had their leads recording messages for unseen accomplices: Felicity (Keri Russell) gabbed with Sally (incidentally voiced by Jeanane Garofalo) using her tape recorder, as did Kyle McLachlan’s Agent Cooper, keeping the enigmatic Diane abreast of Twin Peaks, Washington’s strange goings-on — and its “damn-fine” cup of coffee.

Most of you got it right (and chided us for this week’s ”too easy” question), but a couple of you were wrong in a very awesome way.

From the suspiciously named ”PJ Lover”: ”It’s totally about the hair… Keri Russell’s Locks + Farrah’s Flip + Rhoda’s Head Scarf = Awesome.” PJ, I’m liking your math — but where do Twin Peaks and Mork and Mindy fit into that equation?

David Lankford tried to fill in those blanks: ”Pam Dawber’s headful of nice hair on M & M was also copied by many. (Let’s not forget that her male costar is infamous for being particularly hairy.)… The deal with Twin Peaks is… the pilot was filmed. A year of real time passed. The show got picked up. They started filming new episodes and many of the characters had different hairstyles… or, at least, noticably different hair lengths.” Um, it’s a bit of a stretch, but the folks at PopWatch HQ appreciate hard work, task-masters that we are.

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